Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Meet your SHIMMY SOUL Instructors: Alexandra Molina

Alexandra Molina
is both a Visual Artist and Oriental Dance Professional based out of Miami, Florida. She began her training with Portia Lange of Belly Motions in 2005 and now has over 12 years of dance training from local and internationally acclaimed Master Instructors.

Known  for her graceful, juicy and spirited style, Alexandra brings Miami's spicy flavor to New Orleans! She specializes in the sweetness of Egyptian style and likes to combine the vibrant energy of Lebanese style in her performances.  

In the studio she guides students to explore their own uniqueness, training them from both a fitness-model and a soul-body perspective, believing that without a deeper connection to ourselves we would not be able to connect our bodies to perform the empowering art of Oriental Dance. Her aim is to help students feel grounded and well-connected to the dance and its History and Culture.

Alexandra holds regular weekly classes at Belly Motions, World Dance Studio in Miami, FL. For more on her work with Art and Dance, visit

Workshop Description
"Dancing to Oum Kalthoum"
Technique and Choreography / Egyptian Oriental

From technique to story-telling, Alexandra's "Dancing to Oum Kalthoum" Workshop will intrigue and dazzle your senses! Participants will work on dancing with expression using silky arms, juicy hip-work and level changes as well as how to interpret lyrical music of Oum Kalthoum. The workshop will focus on a choreography to "We Daret el Ayam (The Days Went On)."

Oum Kalthoum was an Egyptian singer, songwriter, and actress that strongly impacted the Middle East during times of war and peace in the late 20th century. A highly influential cultural and political figure, she was given the honorary title of "Star of the East."

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