Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Join us in September & October!

Classes continue this September and October!


Thursdays 7pm-8pm
(Drop ins Welcome)
  • September 1, 8, 15 (no regular class 9/22 or 9/29) 
  • October 20, 27 (no regular class 10/6 or 10/13) 
  • <9/1 is a special troupe tryout class- all students welcome> 
Saturdays 10:30am-11:30am
(Class Card required- 4, 6, 10, or 20 classes)
  • September 3, 10, 17 (no regular class 9/24) 
  • October 1, 8, 22, 29 (no regular class 10/15) 
Troupe Classes (Shimmy Shakti Troupe Members ONLY)
  • Thursday, September 1 at 7pm (special troupe tryout class) 
  • Tuesday, September 6 at 7pm 
  • Thursday, September 22 at 7pm 
  • Saturday, September 24 at 10:30am 
  • Wednesday, September 28 at 7pm 
  • Thursday, September 29 at 7pm 
Upcoming performance: October 1, 2016
For a complete schedule, visit our blog:

Monday, August 22, 2016

Dancing our way home by Tamalyn Dallal

In January of 2017, 
New Orleans and the surrounding areas will experience the wonder that is Tamalyn Dallal. My teacher and inspiration, the reason I began dancing in 2005 when I joined her studio (MidEastern Dance Exchange in South Beach, Miami) and continued for all these years (now in New Orleans), she is a mentor, a hero, a friend, she is so much more than I could describe in a few lines.

As luck would have it, the universe has brought her to New Orleans, and in January, I get to collaborate with this amazing woman, teacher, and friend to help bring a program and project created by Tamalyn to our region.

I will have the honor of facilitating this program at Tamalyn's home studio in New Orleans and share in this experience with dedicated students who are ready to delve into a course of study in Middle Easter dance. Please visit Tamalyn's website to find out more about this wonderful program.

First 7 weeks:
Starts on January 10, 2017

Classes will be held
@Tamalyn's studio (FQ New Orleans)

Days and Times:
Tuesdays 6:45pm-8:45pm

Karla Marie

Course of Study in dance:

  • Persian Empire and its influence on Middle Eastern dance and music 
  • The Ottoman Empire and its influence on Middle Eastern dance and music 
  • The Silk Road and its influence on Middle Eastern dance and music
  • A man named Ziryab, Bagdad and Arabian Spain, and the return of the Arabs to the Middle East through North Africa, and the influence of this part of history had on Middle Eastern dance and music. 
The culmination:
  • At the end of this series, (2nd week of August) we will do a theater show, showing the four routes and how they intersect. In order to be part of the show, you need to complete all four sections. 
  • The entire program will be 4 sections/modules (four 7 week series immediately following each other). The same day and time will be honored for the entire series, except for Mardi gras holidays. Although the entire four sections/modules are required for participation and performance in the final Theater Show, participation in all four modules in not required. In other words, you CAN attend only one or two of the 7 week series and we welcome you to attend. This will only affect participation requirements for the show. 
  • Those who have only taken part can help with the show production. If someone started the program at the second go round, they can double up and take two classes simultaneously. Same if they started the third time around. Starting the 4th time around, they could be in the show, but that would mean taking all four segments at the same time, or being a production person. 
Cost: $210 per seven week session, or $800 for all four sessions

This location will be limited to 10 students.
Registration will close once we reach capacity.


And as if that's not enough.... make your very own sparkle globe based on your studies. What dancer doesn't need their own sparkle globe?

Tamalyn's sparkle globe. Each route of culture: Persian world, Turkic world, Silk Road, Ottoman Empire, Bedouin migrations, Romany Trail, and the Maritime Spice Route are represented by a different color jewel. Notice the concentration of culture: Egypt, Turkey and the Levant. This explains a lot about our dance and the music that inspires us to dance.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

~Open your Chakras~

This Sunday is our Awaken the Goddess retreat! Here is a peek at our afternoon session:

Our afternoon session will be dedicated to renewing our spirit and filling our space and heart with positive light. We will do this through a powerful clearing and protective chants, visualization, and meditation. During the Chakra activation, we will open each of our 7 chakras and connect to ourselves.

We are also excited to introduce the Massage Therapist for the afternoon. Jessica Heno Bonnet of NOLA Maternal Instincts will pamper all of our Goddesses, providing Therapeutic Massage from 2pm-3pm to close out our beautiful day retreat. This service will be provided as we receive energy and light through Reiki for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing.

"I am lucky enough to honestly say that I love my job. Growing up in a house with my father who was a Chiropractor, I always understood the power of touch and the benefits of natural, drug-free pain relief. It was 1999 when I first stepped through the doors of Blue Cliff to begin my new career, and I never imagined the impact that this profession would have on me.

I became Certified in Prenatal Massage after working in a spa for several years, feeling like I just needed something more. There are so many things that I love about working with pregnant women, and I believe that nobody needs it more than you do. Since then I have dedicated myself to always be aware of what is safe for you and your baby during our treatments, because after nearly 16 years of practicing massage, helping people feel better naturally is still my passion. I promise to always do what I believe is best for you and I thank you for trusting me with your body during this very special time of your life"

~Jessica Heno Bonnet, LMT LA2216

About Jessica Heno Bonnet, LMT

Monday, August 15, 2016

VIP Package Early Bird Sale! Labor Day Special: DEADLINE EXTENDED to Monday, September 5, 2016

Labor Day Special: 
to Monday, September 5, 2016 

To make a payment, click on the Registration price listed

VIP Package: All-Access Pass (All Weekend*)
Early Bird by 9/1/16

All 5 Workshops (Saturday and Sunday) & Gala Show
3 Sadie Workshops, 2 Simon of Lebanon Workshops, Gala Show Ticket for one

(Available during VIP Early Bird ONLY- To make a payment, 
click on the Registration price listed)

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Benefits of Sponsoring an Event

  • Get online exposure to tens of thousands dance teachers and students.
  • Create brand visibility and networking opportunities before, during and after the event through our website and widespread social media campaign.
  • Showcase your services in a way that best fits your needs.
  • Demonstrate your commitment to dancers and the dance community.

Shimmy Soul: A New Orleans Experience 
  • 2000+ Dancers on contact lists, Social Media
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  • Workshop Material
  • Gala Show
  • Guest Master Instructors Welcome Pack
  • Welcome Bag VIP members
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  • 5 social media mentions
  • Half Page ad in our Program given for FREE to all participants
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  • Opportunity to Welcome guests and live mentions at Gala Show

Monday, August 1, 2016

Shimmy Soul: A New Orleans Belly Dance Experience (December 2-4, 2016)

What a beautiful belly dance weekend for our community, with a day long workshop with Tamalyn Dallal on July 30th, and then an amazing showcase organized by Amanda Monjure where we not only got to share the stage with my beautiful teacher, friend, and belly dance hero, Tamalyn, but also with Roshana Nofret, among other amazing performers. The night included Persian Dance featuring Tamalyn's students from the Persian workshop and it was so inspiring and breathtaking.

So many exciting things happening in our local Belly Dance community!

It's the perfect way to prepare for our amazing announcement. I am so excited and honored to be presenting and hosting two of the most incredible dancers, Sadie and Simon of Lebanon in our very first ever SHIMMY SOUL: A New Orleans Belly Dance Experience!

This event will bring together local, national, and international dancers in one of the most exciting cities in the US.... our beloved Crescent City... New Orleans! We welcome all belly dancers, all dancer enthusiasts, and all local performance and culture enthusiasts as it will be an experience that can be enjoyed by all, not just belly dancers.

SHIMMY SOUL: A New Orleans Belly Dance Experience will include....

  • Weekend- Long Workshops with Sadie and Simon of Lebanon
  • A Gala Show with local, national, international performances include performances by Sadie and Simon of Lebanon
  • A wonderful New Orleans Belly Dance Experience... through culture, dance, and music!

To register, click here