Saturday, August 12, 2017

Meet your SHIMMY SOUL Instructors: Sandra

is an award-winning professional Belly dancer residing in Houston, Texas. She is a sought after performer with weekly performances at events, weddings, and restaurants in the Houston area. She is also an active member of the Al Awtar Zaffe Group under the direction of Lebanese Simon. The Al Awtar Zaffe Group is a Middle Eastern Folklore Group dedicated to providing entertainment for special events and has performed with the group all over the US as well as Internationally including Guatemala. In addition, Sandra also performs with Dauntless Dance and Movement as part of a select ensemble of fusion artists under the direction of Kimberly Larkspur and as a featured guest artist with the Dance from the Heart company in Houston.

Sandra has taken her oriental dance training professionally by traveling to Cairo, Egypt and Beirut, Lebanon and studying with master teachers such as Lebanese Simon, Aziza, Mounir Malaeb, Amani of Lebanon to further pursue her studies in belly dance, folklore and culture. Sandra competes in the national dance festivals and recently won 3rd place at the Houston Oriental and Folklore Dance festival competition among 15 dancers.


Tantalizing Drum Solo Choreography

Learn an exciting and high energy drum solo choreography with Sandra! In this workshop, we’ll break down a new choreography that includes juicy shimmies, basic to intermediate isolation patterns, sassy hip work, and a little attitude on top! We’ll go over the construction of the drum solo choreography and discuss the arrangements of patterns and the selection of specific movements according to the various rhythms played within the song.

This choreography is perfect for any performance setting or stage -we’ll even go over staging and how perform this choreography in duet or troupe setting! Bring your hip scarves and get ready to dance, shimmy, and discover your inner diva!


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