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Thank you for your interest in becoming a Shimmy Shakti Troupe member and Shimmy Shakta! It’s the beginning of exciting times and experiences available to you through this beautiful dance and amazing tribe of goddesses!

If you are interested in going from “student” to “performer,” and enjoy the idea of a sisterhood of strong, gorgeous, encouraging, supportive belly dancing goddesses, you may be interested in joining our Shimmy Shakti Troupe.

Belly Dance Goddess Hour Student Troupe- there will be opportunities to perform as a Belly Dance Goddess Hour Student Troupe for students interested who are not members of Shimmy Shakti.

Commitment/Dedication for Shimmy Shakti Troupe
Steps are easy to learn. Technique and Musicality can be taught. Footwork comes with time and practice. Skill level improves with practice and effort. Emotion and ability to connect to the audience will come with deeper understanding, education and practice. Arm positions, expression with your hands and eyes will begin to happen as you become more familiar with the dance, practice technique, and attend regular classes with your instructor. However, one thing that cannot be taught and cannot be forced is the deeper connection within your troupe. These connections happen organically and through experiences together as a group. Participation becomes an integral part of this process. Membership to our troupe is an invitation to share with a beautiful circle of women who choose to be positive, supportive, dedicated to learning and experiencing Middle Eastern and North African cultures through this amazing dance. My commitment to you is that I will devote my time and energy to bring to you the most authentic, natural, and genuine experience through this dance while inviting you to deepen your connection within yourself through inspiring practices and techniques that awaken your inner goddess. As creative director, I will devote time and energy researching and selecting only the most inspirational pieces to work with. As a troupe leader, I will seek out the most exciting and professional experiences so you can practice this art form on the stage and provide the appropriate number of classes and practices so you are prepared for those experiences. As your instructor, I will dedicate/invest my time and money in ensuring I am receiving high quality instruction and education directly from the source… from master teachers of this beautiful dance form throughout the country by continuing my education on a regular basis to bring to you the most current, genuine, heartfelt, authentic instruction available. I will require that you dedicate time and energy to give to your practice and to improve your skill. I will challenge you to push yourself beyond your comfort zone and go deeper into discovering this dance and art form each practice. As a Shimmy Shakti Goddess mama, I will guide you through the challenges and help you through the obstacles… time, costumes, attendance, budgets, etc. to ensure you are where you need to be without being burdened with any stress related to this practice. As a friend, I will celebrate and support you outside of this belly dance space and am available for anything you may need that is within my ability to provide. As a woman, I thank you for sharing your dance, space, and energy with me and our group. As a Latina and Artist, I thank you for entrusting me with the teachings of this dance and culture and for allowing me to take you on this journey of culture, language, and art with trust and commitment. love, light, and happy shimmies beautiful goddesses!

Here are some things to consider:

Regular class attendance
What is considered “Regular class attendance”?
At least 50% of Regular class attendance is expected during each 4, 6, or 8 week sessions
At least 50% attendance to all Troupe classes is expected


There is no membership fee or cost to apply. The costs to consider are only class cards and costume purchases.

Class Card Purchases
There are anywhere between 10-15 classes scheduled during each 6 week session. Thursdays at 7pm and Saturdays at 10:30am
Troupe practices are scheduled around performances or sporadic during regular sessions. Typically held on Thursday evenings (some Tuesdays) but may vary depending on performance schedule.


~Shimmy Shakti Practice Tank (gray) 25.00
~Shimmy Shakti belly dance bag 25.00
~Body Stocking (mesh, skin tone) 52.00

~Bedlah & Skirt (Purple Beaded Bra, Belt, Satin Skirt) $125-$175 (depending on size)

  • Two piece option
  • Usually worn for Belly Dance choreographies like our Drum Solo, Warda Warda, Ojos Asi
  • Worn at events such as Gala Shows and Haflas, Festivals, Private events
~Zills (Finger cymbals, zagats) $25 or purchase your own
  • For Class and at home practice
  • For performance: Drum Solo and Tribal, etc.
~Tribal Costume- Purchase your own or make your own
  • Bounce
  • Brooklyn Baladi
  • Sella Fina
~Baladi Dress $175 (paid in full by October)
  • One piece option
  • Required for Baladi/ Oriental Dance performances
  • To be used for Evening Gala, Belly Dance events/Shows, Shows featuring International Performers
~Black/Andalousi Dress (Purchase your own)
  • Please also purchase red hip scarf (fringe or coin) and red hair flower
  • Andalousi
  • Ya Habibi Yallah
  • Gala Shows, Haflas, Festivals, Private Events

Suggested items:
~Black Flamenco Practice Skirt (or black skirt)- Purchase your own
~All-Black Belly Dance Top- Purchase your own
~Belly Dance Lycra Yoga Pera Pants (Black)- $37.98 (or purchase your own)
~Toe-kinis, Lyrical Paw Pads, Dance Pads (skin tone)- $10.99 (or purchase your own)

When can I join the Shimmy Shakti Troupe?
Once you have completed these commitments below and have filled out an application, you are able to perform as a Shimmy Shakti member.

Troupe Membership
  1. Complete at least 10 regular classes (Thursdays, Saturdays)
  2. Purchase zills
  3. Know at least 1 choreography

Performing with Shimmy Shakti
  1. Purchase all costumes for each performance
  2. New members
    1. Complete at least 8 Troupe-Only practices
    2. Know 100% of the choreography footwork being performed during active cycle and at least basic knowledge of a minimum of 2 additional choreographies from our repertoire
    3. Have 2016-17 Shimmy Shakti official photo taken
    4. Complete the required minimum number of Troupe classes for each scheduled performance. (Typically 4-6)
    5. Complete your bio for publication
    6. Commit to perform regularly with the troupe

  1. Existing members
    1. Attend at least 50% of ALL regular classes during the preceding 6-8 week session
    2. Attend at least 50% of all troupe practices or 1 private lesson per 2 troupe classes missed
    3. Attend the required minimum number of Troupe classes for each scheduled performance. (Typically 4-6)
    4. Attend the mandatory show rehearsal in order to be eligible to perform at an upcoming show.
    5. Know 100% of the choreography footwork being performed during that cycle and a minimum of 2 additional choreographies from our “repertoire
    6. Commit to practice outside of class
    7. Commit to perform regularly with the troupe

Active Member of the Shimmy Shakti Performance Troupe: This is the goal of your participation in our troupe. Attend at least half of the classes and troupe practices available during each 6-8 week session, and/or private lessons, and regularly perform at shows.

Must know the most current choreography we are working on and at least 2 additional choreographies from our repertoire:

  • Ya Habibi Yallah
  • Warda Warda
  • Bounce
  • Brooklyn Baladi
  • Ojos Asi
  • Bounce II (Tribal)
  • Drum Solo
  • Lubna (Baladi, Khaliji, Egyptian)
  • Dragonfly (Tribal)
  • Habibi Ya Omri (Egyptian Belly Dance)
  • Pose Dance (Improvisational)


What if I have to miss up to 6 weeks or 10+ classes?
Member of the Shimmy Shakti Troupe (ineligible to perform, eligible to attend Troupe Practice): Regular attendance is required in order to be eligible to perform with the troupe. You will be considered ineligible to perform in the upcoming shows until you pick up regular attendance for a period of 6 weeks/10 classes. However, you are still considered to be a member of the troupe and welcome at Troupe practice.

What if I have missed 3+ months or 20+ classes?
Honorary member of the Troupe: If you have missed up to 3 months of class and practice attendance, please contact me about your interest in continuing as part of the troupe. Troupe members remain as part of the troupe as long as they are a card carrying student of Belly Dance Goddess Hour by Karla Marie. You will remain an honorary member of the troupe, even without class attendance, for up to 1 year ending on July 30th each year. Members during 2015-16 who have missed 3+ months will remain as honorary members until July 30, 2016.

What if I would like to become an Active member of the Shimmy Shakti Performance Troupe after taking a break?

To rejoin as an Active Member of the Shimmy Shakti Performance Troupe, you must:
Attend at least 6 regular practices within a session
Attend 4 Troupe practices
Attend 1-2 private lessons to get up to speed and learn the basics of the new material
Purchase any new costume items required for performance

What if I am an Active Member of the Shimmy Shakti Performance Troupe and I would like to be considered for paid gigs?
Paid gigs will be handled separately/differently.
These will be highly based on attendance and skill level. I will first consider the Troupe members with the highest level of overall attendance and troupe practice. Clients usually determine the number of performers, the number of performers will depend on client/troupe director decision based on attendance, skill level, and specific client requests. When paid performances come up, I will contact individuals directly via email with details.

What if a friend/contact/individual asks me about Shimmy Shakti Troupe participation in an event or activity?
Refer all requests and inquiries to All performances/participation/activities by Shimmy Shakti Troupe or Belly Dance Goddess Hour should be confirmed through Karla Marie Cochran, Creative Director and Troupe Leader.

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