Class Descriptions & Frequently Asked Questions

Private Belly Dance Lessons:
Join Karla Marie for private and semi-private lessons. Private lessons are a great way to receive individualized instruction and inspiration on your own practice. These can either be one-on-one with Karla Marie, or you may choose to include other dancers to split the cost. 

Sunset Shimmies at the Park:
This is a Belly Dance Basics Class in that we incorporate basic belly dance technique and basic combos, helping to build muscle memory and practice good belly dance posture. However, this class is outdoors. The priority here is to be free and explore the freedom that comes with this dance form and connecting to yourself and to nature. We focus on basic movements and combos that will offer practice for a good belly dance foundation and allow your body to connect with your heart, with nature, and the freedom to move.

Thursday Technique:
Our Thursday class is a Belly Dance Technique & Drills Class designed to focus on drilling basic technique and foundational moves, as well as drilling basic combinations to help build muscle memory. Through this class we work on conditioning, toning, and help increase balance and flexibility. We go through a breakdown for all technical moves and practice limited combinations. This class offers you the opportunity to break down individual moves and drill them in the class setting with guided instruction.

+ Live Drumming on occasion

Saturday Intensive:
Our Saturday class is a Belly Dance Intensive: Technique, Drills, and Combos designed to challenge every bit of your mind and body by introducing as many belly dance elements as one can discover in one class to fully participate the belly dance experience. We go through Warm Up, Technique, Drills, Combinations, Shimmies, and end with a Cool Down.

Styles/Elements taught in class:
+ Egyptian, Lebanese, Turkish, Folkloric- Baladi, Saidi, Khaliji, etc. Intro to Elements of Tribal Fusion
+ Intro to Drum Rhythms and Zills
+ All classes are Open Level and provide cultural and emotional elements that guide you through this art form and allow you to connect to yourself and to belly dance more each class!

Troupe-ONLY Class:
Our Troupe-ONLY classes are reserved for Shimmy Shakti Troupe Members. We drill choreography, condition, and train through intense drills that challenge us as dancers and help us connect with ourselves, each other, the audience, and the dance! For more information about the Shimmy Shakti Troupe Requirements, email
+ Not an OPEN Level Class

4 Week Beginner Belly Dance Intensive:
During this session we practice (Zills suggested)
• Basic 12 Belly Dancing drills
• Connect with your unique body and movements
• Undulations and layering techniques
• Learn arm combinations and sequences
• Condition and tone your arms, lower back, and abs
• Learn to increase the flow of synovial fluid (nature's lubricant) in your joints and ligaments to allow for better circulation and mobility
• Improve your posture through balance and control.
• Learn relaxation and restorative techniques that will help you de-stress at home or work.

6 Week Beginner Belly Dance Intensive Sessions:
At the end of this session you will….
  • Understand the Basic 12 Belly Dance moves and know the technical aspects of each
  • Understand your unique body and movements and sharpen body awareness
  • Condition and tone your arms, lower back, and abs
  • Learn to increase the flow of synovial fluid (nature's lubricant) in your joints and ligaments to allow for better circulation and mobility
  • Improve your posture through balance and control.
  • Learn relaxation and restorative techniques that will help you de-stress at home or work.
  • At the end of this session you will be a Belly Dancer!

Awaken the Goddess Workshop:
(Beginner level)
  • Activate your Chakras
  • Focus on restorative techniques, alignment, and flow
  • Discover Balance, Fluidity, and Awaken the Goddess
  • Connect, renew your spirit, and increase circulation for better overall health.
When we Awaken the Goddess, we get in touch with our true power -- our flow, intuition, vulnerability and strength. We also get to experience some of what holds us back from a deeper connection with ourselves and others - self judgment, judgment of others, jealousy and competition. In so doing we can finally embrace our wholeness.

(Bring an open mind and open heart)
Bring a journal and a pencil, and a yoga mat.

Shimmy Shop Workshop:
(Intermediate Level 1- You must have taken at least 6 Basic level Belly Dance classes to register and know the following basic moves: Shoulder and hip shimmies, wrist circles, hip circles, 3 point turn, camels, belly rolls, and egyptian walk
This Belly Dance workshop will focus on layering moves, traveling, and turning.
  • Explore shimmies... layering them, traveling with them, incorporating them to undulating moves
  • Drill 3/4 steps, traveling hip snaps and layered shimmies
  • Learn footwork and turns, including arm movements and flutters
Be ready to shimmy, shake, undulate! Challenge your mind and your body.
Bring a towel and lots of water!

Belly Dance Fusion Hafla:
(Open Level)
This fun Dancing Workshop will allow you to explore rhythm and flow and your body!
Start with the basic Belly Dance moves as well as tap into Latin and African rhythms to help you improve fluidity and flow.
We will explore Belly Dance traveling steps and basic sequences, group belly dance and flow.
This Open level workshop is great for everyone from beginners to advanced dancers!
It's a great opportunity to dance and understand the flow of your body and the differences in movement from style to style.~
No dance experience necessary.

Belly Dance Goddess WORKSHOP:
(Open Level)
This workshop is a perfect blend between the Belly Dance Goddess Hour class and the Awaken the Goddess Workshop. The first hour is dedicated to shimmying and shaking to eliminate toxins, increase circulation, promote flexibility and movement, and BELLY DANCE!!! The 2nd hour will be dedicated to restoring and renewing through guided meditation, chakra alignment, and yoga restorative poses.

Belly Dance Goddess Hour CLASS:
This class is great for Beginners~
(Open Levels- all levels, from beginners to advanced)

Shimmy, Shake, and Undulate....
Class structure includes warm ups, clear movement breakdowns, movement drills and integration of movements through short dance combinations, skill building exercises & education in dance theory, and closes with a relaxing yoga cool down. Although strict choreography is not taught, choreographic sequences & essential performing / stage dynamics will be taught. We focus on technique, control, and strength while increasing mobility, flexibility, and balance. The goal is to shimmy and shake while learning the art of Belly Dance!

Our Belly Dance Goddess Hour class is a celebration... of life, femininity, and an opportunity to awaken our inner goddess. Primarily each student is encouraged to find their own unique flow/field of energy and discover their own rhythm within the dance. Students learn individual movements and then experiment with layering these for a richer dancing experience.

Latin Fusion Class

LATIN FUSION combines different rhythms and styles of dancing, focusing on BELLY DANCE and LATIN DANCE as the primary foundation.

It then fuses together many other styles of and dance influences such as ballet, flamenco, African, and others to make for a comprehensive, different, and fun workout that will awaken your senses and inner goddess!

Although we workout during this class, the goal of this dance class is to learn the basic dance steps associated with different styles of dance such as Salsa, Merengue, Bachata, Punta, Cumbia, Reggaeton, and styles of Belly Dance, as well as the culture and people that brought them to us so we can enjoy them today.

Because it is a workout...
we target arms, abs, hips, and thighs and learn to isolate movements and muscles

Because it is a dance class as well...
students are introduced to basic steps and foundation moves focusing primarily on BELLY DANCE, LATIN rhythms. This cardio workout includes Warm up, Isolations, Dance/Cardio & Yoga Cool down~

With the Belly Dance foundation, we are able to increase and improve movement and fluidity, control, flexibility, and balance, all the while strengthening and toning!

With the Latin foundation we are able to increase and improve coordination and introduce footwork to our movement.

Attire: Yoga attire or anything that allows a free range of motion. Wear a scarf of borrow one from us!

* Belly dancing burns over 380+ calories during an hour workout

If you are pregnant:
Please notify your instructor if you are pregnant, as there are small adaptations available to certain movements for maximum comfort. Some doctors encourage the practice of belly dance during pregnancy, which they think provides the following benefits:

Strengthening pelvic and deep abdominal muscles and all those muscles specifically used for giving birth, thus facilitating the process of delivering and of recovery.
Relaxing the body.
Improving self esteem.
Promote good posture.
Help maintain general fitness.
Help maintain a god sense of balance.
Relieve back ache.
Promote socialization, if performed in classes.

Always consult your physician or health care provider before beginning an exercise program. Precautions with belly dancing during pregnancy and general guidelines issue by expert:

Always seek your doctor’s advice before starting any exercise programme.
Avoid back bends.
Keep a natural pelvic tilt (that is, keep your bottom tucked under).
Be aware of the softening of ligaments in your body, therefore avoid jumps, hip twists and sharp movements.
Listen to your body and avoid movements that cause pain or discomfort.
Stop exercising altogether if you feel unwell or experience bleeding, dizziness and/or pain.
Do not overheat and avoid exercising on hot days.

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